Empire State Building

It was a beautiful night, hanging out with friends on the rooftop of a hotel in the West Village.  We were enjoying the stunning view of the Empire State Building, a lit in white last night.  However, this morning we are all shocked to learn of the tragic shooting in front of that landmark. 9 people shot and 2 dead..

"Empire State Building","Manhattan", "Midtown", "New York"

A beautiful night view of Midtown from Lower Manhattan.

Empire State Building at Night, Manhattan, New York City

Sunset view looking over Hudson River to the west. Rooftop bar at Dream Hotel, Chelsea.

NYC sunse, Hudson river, New York City

Those aren’t my motorbikes but I bet it would convenient to use them during peak hour traffic to get by over 10,000 yellow cabs in the city.

What about the parking tickets? If they don’t take the entire parking space..

Background building with circles facade isthe Dream Hotel, Chelsea.

New York City, West Village

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