Yayoi Kusama Yellow Tree, Whiteny Museum, New York

Yayoi Kusama – Whitney Museum New York

It was “pay-what-you-wish” Day, Sept. 21 at the Whitney Museum. There was a line two blocks long, of people waiting to get inside to see the extraordinary artist Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition. Trust me – it is worth every minute waiting. I remember the first time I saw a poster promoting the exhibition while I was…

Occupy wall street anniversary, OSW

Occupy Wall Street – September 2012

September 15 was the first anniversary for Occupy Wall Street. The protest continues today with more activities around Zuccotti Park and the Wall Street area. This year, we see 2 new political figures are added to the protest – Presidential candidates Obama and Romney.

Manhattan bridge, new york city

Sea Sun Sand in the city

I haven’t been to a beach in almost a decade (not really a sun-worshipper), but I could use a little help from my neighborhood – riverside at South Street Seaport – to remind me of the of sea, sun and sand. I made this waves-like bracelet last year with carribean-blue-opal, pacific-opal and clear crystal Swarovski…


Hustle and Bustle City

This is a view of the construction site at One World Trade Center. As the building grows, the noise from the site is inevitable. Here’s another necklace using blue agate and crystal neon orange pearls of Swarovski new collections. The neon orange pearls just ‘pop-up’ the entire necklace and gives it a casual yet trendy…


The Iconic Blue

I like this view of One World Trade Center from Fulton Street. It’s the centerpiece of downtown New York City. I created an elongated necklace with crystal studded beads and accented it with turquoise Swarovski beads. It’s a simple and sleek look for the summer.

WTC, world trade center, 9/11, new york, NYC, memorial

Workers at World Trade Center

This September 11 will commemorate the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Many are eager to visit the memorial site and pay tribute to those lost on that day, or look at the progress of the buildings under construction in the area. The 9/11 Memorial was opened to the public on September 12, 2011. One World…

Chinatown NYC Lin Zexu

Chinatown New York – What does Mr.Lin ZeXu see?

The statue of Mr. Lin ZeXu (scholar and official of the Qing Dynasty) is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Chinatown since 1997. Many people admire this statue, but I wondered, what does the statue see? Here are a few pictures of “his” view… The Statue of Mr. Lin ZeXu from Fujien Province in…