Chinatown New York – What does Mr.Lin ZeXu see?

The statue of Mr. Lin ZeXu (scholar and official of the Qing Dynasty) is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Chinatown since 1997. Many people admire this statue, but I wondered, what does the statue see? Here are a few pictures of “his” view…

The Statue of Mr. Lin ZeXu from Fujien Province in China.

Chinatown NYC Lin Zexu, new york, fujian, fujien

The hustle bustle of daily activities on the right side of East Broadway.

Chinatown NYC East Broadway, new york

I’m surprised to see the quiet side of East Broadway exactly opposite the other side of the picture above.

Chinatown NYC East Broadway, new york

Mr. Lin ZeXu would see Manhattan bridge beyond the street of East Broadway.

Chinatown NYC Manhattan Bridge, new york

:) JY

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