Hong Kong – Asia’s world city

The big Buddha, completed in 1993, is the world’s tallest outdoor seated Buddha. It is located at Po Lin Monastery in Lantau island, Hong Kong. I took bus #23 from Tung Chung Station to Lantau Island. The bus ride was about an hour long. We enjoyed the mountainous scenery of the island as we rode uphill and then downhill past a beautiful sandy beach before riding uphill once again to the monastery.

One of the 6 Deva statues surrounding the Tian Tan Big Buddha.

The Wisdom Path is about 15 minutes walk from the Big Buddha.  It was a “Heart Sutra” calligraphy carved on 38 timber columns. It looks like 2-D calligraphy in a 3-D architectural arrangement.  To help you imagine the size of the column, each character of the calligraphy measured about 2 feet by 2 feet.  Although we do not understand the Chinese characters on the columns but we love the serene mountainous view from here.

We bought the sighting tickets that included a vegetarian meal.  So, we ended our visit by having lunch at the Po Lin monastery.  The lunch includes 3 dishes, a soup and white rice. My favorite dish was the refreshing radish wrapped in deep-fried bean-curd wrap.  The meal make us feel like it was the big reward after climbing the long staircase to the Big Buddha and  the long walk to the wisdom path.

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