Happy Holidays from NYC

Despite parts of Lower Manhattan are still recovering from hurricane Sandy, many offices and stores are decorating their lobbies with bright and colorful Christmas trees.. Happy Holidays from NYC.

There are many Occupy Wall Street protestors still camping outsideChristmas tree Trinity Church New York of the Trinity Church, but what really caught my eyes was the light-up Christmas Tree in the park.

Christmas tree Woolworth Building New York

Tourist are not encouraged to enter the Woolworth Building for photography purposes. I had a chance to enter the building for a business visit and was able to take this picture of Christmas tree decoration inside the building (below).





Here are 2 more pictures of Christmas tree in some of the reputable buildings in Wall Street. The Trump building was partnering with Toys-for-Tots Foundation by decorating the tree with gift boxes and a wagon full of toys such as teddy bears, trains, dolls, etc.  Christmas tree The Trump Building New YorkI bet all the children receiving the toys much be so joyful !!


I’ve never seen such an interesting decChristmas tree Liberty Street and Nassau Streetorations under the tree. The 3 golden-painted balls are definitely not gifts nor ornaments.

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