Bread man on a motorcyle : Roti Man

I remember growing up with working parents.  I was sent to my grandmother’s house in the morning and then stayed at her house until afternoon before going to school.  Just before leaving her house, my cousins and I were so eager waiting for a gentlemen who we named after the elastic horn that he would make the sound as he approaches. We called him Ah-Boo.  This guy carried tons of goodies from chips, candies, breads and ice-cream on his motorcycle. My favorite snacks were fish flavored chips (Muruku Ikan), twisties snack and durian-flavored ice-cream in a slice of bread.  It felt like positive treaMotorcycle food vendor Malaysia jenyapts that motivated us to go to school from the hot afternoon weather in Malaysia.

During my visit to Malaysia recently, I heard the same honk sound in my parents’ home at about 5pm almost every day. However, every time when I ran out to call the seller, he would make a turn before my parents’ house and leave with his motorcycle. One day, I was leaving the house for an urgent meeting and I saw this seller in my neighborhood, I don’t have a chance to get out the car and buy from him but I was able to capture a picture of the seller with a very happy little customer. Nowadays, there are just a few snack sellers on motorcycle.  I really hope they could stay forever despite the economic development of many cities which could neglect smaller business like this one.

I was walking in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur one day to get some afternoon snacks on an extremely hot day.  As I was walking very fast to the other end of the street to some shade I saw a traditional ice-cream seller on a motorcycle.  Although I had so many snacks in my hands, I couldn’t resist but to get the ice-cream that I have not eaten for centuriIce-cream Malaysiaes! Forgetting the hot sun and going to the shade to stay cool, I crossed the street and ordered myself a couple scoops of ice-cream in a hot-dog bun. The bun was larger than what I had before, but the ice-cream tasted the exact same as in my childhood. The owner generously scooped out yam-flavor, durian-flavor, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice-cream into the bun. As I took my first bite into the ice-cream with the bun, the recognizable flavor brought me back to my childhood memory – of my grandmother’s house that I used to go to before school. Those are memories that I cherish, about staying with my grandmother who patiently took care of 10 grandchildren at the same time, and she always had a foot long plastic wrapped wire in her pocket to scare us if we were misbehaving:)

Thanks to Chad M.  for sharing the delicious looking picture of Malaysian ice-cream: Chad M.- My Life in Kuala Lumpur


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