Maribelle Chocolate New York

Chocolate Made in NYC – Maribelle

I’ve been thinking about coming to Maribelle  for some time.  I’d been there once before.  It was months ago, one early evening in the darkening winter after work.  There was a harsh chill in the air, and I was on a quest for fine chocolate after going through a search on my iPhone.  Now, it’s…

Dragon Boat New York JY

Dragon Boat Festival in New York

The Dragon Boat Festival, which is known as Duan Wu Jie in Chinese, is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month in the lunar calendar. It commemorates a famous poet in China – Qu Yan – who drowned in a river in the Hunan province, China in 278 B.C. Villagers are believed to…

Obon Soh Daiko Taiko 2013 a

Obon – Japanese Festival in NYC

Obon festival is a Buddhist observance of remembering the dead, which some also believe is the season their ancestor’s souls return to visit their families.  The families would prepare fruit on altars for their ancestors at home as a welcoming gesture.  This tradition has been celebrated for more than 500 years in Japan during the…

Grand Central Terminal New York

Grand Central Terminal – 100th Anniversary

A 100th anniversary is an important event. It’s even more special for a building in New York City.  I’ve passed through Grand Central Terminal many times, and like so many others here I never realized that it was almost 100 years old.  There were plans to tear down the terminal as far back as 1954.   Perhaps, I…

Christmas tree Wall Street New York

Happy Holidays from NYC

Despite parts of Lower Manhattan are still recovering from hurricane Sandy, many offices and stores are decorating their lobbies with bright and colorful Christmas trees.. Happy Holidays from NYC. There are many Occupy Wall Street protestors still camping outside of the Trinity Church, but what really caught my eyes was the light-up Christmas Tree in…

Hurricane Sandy New York, storm, fallen tree

Hurricane Sandy – New York

I just came back from Water Street in Lower Manhattan.  I went to see firsthand the progression of the recovery in that area after it was hit by hurricane Sandy almost 3 weeks ago. As I walked closer to the area, I began to see trailer trucks parked in the streets that said “Recovery Team”. …

Yayoi Kusama Yellow Tree, Whiteny Museum, New York

Yayoi Kusama – Whitney Museum New York

It was “pay-what-you-wish” Day, Sept. 21 at the Whitney Museum. There was a line two blocks long, of people waiting to get inside to see the extraordinary artist Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition. Trust me – it is worth every minute waiting. I remember the first time I saw a poster promoting the exhibition while I was…

Occupy wall street anniversary, OSW

Occupy Wall Street – September 2012

September 15 was the first anniversary for Occupy Wall Street. The protest continues today with more activities around Zuccotti Park and the Wall Street area. This year, we see 2 new political figures are added to the protest – Presidential candidates Obama and Romney.

WTC, world trade center, 9/11, new york, NYC, memorial

Workers at World Trade Center

This September 11 will commemorate the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Many are eager to visit the memorial site and pay tribute to those lost on that day, or look at the progress of the buildings under construction in the area. The 9/11 Memorial was opened to the public on September 12, 2011. One World…

Chinatown NYC Lin Zexu

Chinatown New York – What does Mr.Lin ZeXu see?

The statue of Mr. Lin ZeXu (scholar and official of the Qing Dynasty) is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Chinatown since 1997. Many people admire this statue, but I wondered, what does the statue see? Here are a few pictures of “his” view… The Statue of Mr. Lin ZeXu from Fujien Province in…